Jun 17, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Trip

This is what happens when the hubby-to-be and I hang out at VBS!

Hubs was the games leader all week, and I was only there Monday and Friday unfortunately due to my work schedule. Friday we finished off with a trip to the aquatic center here for time with the youth helpers from VBS. I floated on the lazy river, took a turn down the slide and soaked up some rays. Some days we doubt why Luke has decided to do youth ministry, other days.. like trips to the aquatic center as part of his "work week," we are reminded of all the perks. :)

We really enjoyed the theme this year! We did a curriculum called Sky, where "Everything is possible if you trust God!" The kids got up in front of the church this morning to sing a couple of our favorite VBS songs from the week. 

Looking forward to cake tasting this week for our wedding cake, too! Any suggestions on things to avoid with cakes for the wedding? Or positive suggestions?

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