Jan 25, 2011

meet my class!

I took some class pictures the other day so stay tuned for that.... until then, here is a glimpse into my class.

Clay... "the flirt." He is one of my younger two's and still has some adjusting to do in his older classroom. I love him to death because he is just so dang cute with his big brown eyes but can be so difficult sometimes! For such a tiny kid he can really defend himself against the other kids. Most of the time the poor innocent little girls get their hair pulled, feet stomped on and get punches to the stomach and head from Clay. It's hard to stay mad at him when I think he is just the most adorable kid I have ever seen.

Raylynn.. or Ray ray. She is the oldest kid in our class, the momma and the teacher's helper. She mediates the fights, helps kids up when they fall and is actually a big help to me when I need to get something done. I will be sad to see her leave when she moves up to the next class. :(

Thomas... I cannot wait to see him really blossom in school. He recently got rid of the pacifier and we convinced his mom to let him start doing things for himself like eating at the table and not in the high chair. He needs a little extra help right now with simple tasks he should have mastered at 2.5 years old but I know he will catch up soon! He has already started talking more and I am really working with him on saying more and more words. It's amazing how much the pacifier can affect speech development... and I'm not saying that applies to all kids, because all are different. In his case, he needed to get rid of his because he wasn't talking and developing socially.

My kids love....
to play in "centers"... the kitchen, art table, library and puzzles, for example.
to run outside.
to ride bikes on the playground.
to eat.
to draw and do crafts.
to dance.

Jan 20, 2011

crafts for little ones!

As promised, I am going to share some of my favorite crafts we do in my classroom! :)
This month we are on a winter theme (even though the weather doesn't match some of the time!)...

Yesterday we made fluffy paint snowmen.
take some of your household shaving cream, white school glue, washable paint and mix together to make a paint that dries fluffy! to get the right mix, use mostly shaving cream and a little bit of glue then paint for the color you want and for better consistency. Use your fingers or a paint brush to spread on a paper..then let dry!
I will post pictures of how ours turned out soon.

Also add glitter or other toppings for more fun!

let me know if you try it!!!

Jan 11, 2011

travelin' cat

Did I mention that my cat spent 3 days last week outside? He decided to run run run fast out of Steph's car. He spent his time ( we think ) in a garage before I found him. What a roller coaster ride! I was sure I wouldn't see him ever again. :(
Thankfully I got him back! His paws were a little scratched up but other than that and some dirt, he is A-okay and after a $116 trip to the vet, she agrees too.
Love my kitty!

Hopefully he doesn't get the itch for adventure again anytime soon!

Jan 10, 2011


I am officially a teacher :) I got offered a teaching job at the preschool across the street from my house in Gainesville, which couldn't be more convenient! I will be teaching 2 year olds from 730 to 330 Monday thru Friday... Full time job here I come!
I am waiting to hear back from the Teach for America job on January 18 so if I get that I will have to make a decision to move for that job or stay in gainesville. If the job offer with teach for America isn't where I wanted ( I don't want to move out of state) then I may stay in Gainesville for a while longer. If I do take the job I will have to leave the the preschool in august, when I move. We will see!!
I'm excited for this new chapter of my life! :)