Feb 24, 2009

I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end.

This morning I took the most wonderful bike ride around campus on my new bike with a great friend of mine, Jacki. We rode past Lake Alice, watching the birds and then ventured into the Baughman chapel on the edge of the water. (I wish I had my camera at a time like that!) I am constantly in awe of nature. I love the beautiful picture God paints before me every day and the new adventures he places before my feet. On our way back we got "gator freezes" a.k.a. Icees. (a childhood favorite, UF style.) There is so much beauty around me.

I was reading up on my favorite blogs just now and recently my friend Jason's brother has been battling cancer, and I frequently read his updates through his blog. Early this morning his brother passed away. He spent his last night at home, and Jason said he was peaceful.
It's almost as if I read his blog everyday waiting for Jason to say Mike was getting better and that I would him live a happy life after overcoming cancer. I can't expect that every cancer battle ends in victory of life.
God gives us a better victory, in a sense, we return to Him and we live joyfully in his kingdom.
I am thankful that this was the victory that God intended for him and not the one I had envisioned.

So as I ride to meet up with a Colorado friend for coffee in a few minutes I am going to be thinking of Mike, and of other friends and family that have gone to be from this Earth.
I am going to make sure to enjoy simple beauties like the birds of the lake and the people I share these moments with even more...You never know when it may be your last day to do so.
Rest in Peace, Mike Renault.

Feb 2, 2009

hey you whatcha gonna do?

I take this time out of studying for four tests this week for a little life update:

I am enjoying every second of this semester. I am dancing, I am reading books (not of the textbook genre), I have time for playing sports, I enjoy and understand what my professors are telling me to learn, I have mastered the art of balance...for now! =)
There are many many great things to do and to love in this world, I think children are just about at the top of my list.
I spent a weekend two weeks ago with a church on a Family Weekend retreat in St.Simons Island, and was given the task of babysitting children while their parents went to meetings/workshops.
I am constantly reminded the joy I have in loving and being with kids... and hence, I know my calling in life is to speak up for them.. be with them, teach them, love them, guide them, learn about them and give them a chance to know how wonderful life is.
I mentioned dance. I am now part of group called Dancin' Gators where I can pursue my love for choreography for performing. Prettttty exciting. Practices start this week- should be fun to see how that plays out and how the show comes along.
I also joined in the fun of an intramural soccer team this semester with some friends. Got new cleats, and I am ready to dominate the field again like in the old days. I played well last week, but there is room for improvement and a sustained level of endurance!

I have recently contacted my Great Aunt and it is fun to hear stories of my family when they were younger, especially since the last time I saw her was 20 years ago. She is sending me some old old pics from that day and age. I like talking to people who have stories from my past and my family's past that nobody else knows about. She divulged stories to me today of my mother letting horses out of their fenced in yard, when she was 10. =)

Back to studyin'