Mar 25, 2010

His love never fails.

Although things of this world will come and go, God's love never changes.

A lot has changed this week. I broke up with my boyfriend last Saturday. With breakups always comes heartbreak and pain and adjusting to not having that person in your life as much. It has been hard- and I had to take a HUGE leap of faith on that decision. God has given me a lot of peace and hope though. :)

I know it won't be easy that's for sure. But God promises me so much more than I can imagine.

"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess because He who promised is faithful."
---Hebrews 10:23

I love this song and it has been on repeat on my itunes during the past week :)
( here are some of the lyrics )

King of all Days-- Hillsong
I'm found in the arms of love
For Your love
It has saved my soul
I'll run to Your arms of love
Your light's gonna lead me home

Glorious Saviour
In Your light I am free
The things of this world will fade
Still You are all that I need

Mar 1, 2010

a different way to scrapbook...

I know of a few of you are scrapbooking lovers like me, so I thought I'd share. :)

A few years back a friend of mine shared this idea with me and I LOVED making these.

Basically, I used long envelopes and every thing else I normally use to decorate the pages of my scrapbooks. I have a handy paper cutter that helped me get the edges right. I just glued the paper to the envelopes and left the flap of the envelope open...most times I used different paper for the envelope flap for some contrast and makes it more fun. The cool part about envelope scrap-booking is that you can create something small but have a place for a lot of pictures. I usually put a couple main pictures I love on the outside of the envelope and then put the rest of the pictures inside the envelope. I put two holes in the them and tie all the "pages" together with ribbon. I used to have some finished ones displayed in a basket for people to look at. They are small enough to take with me in my purse and show people I run into, or even work well as a small gift. I never finished these in the pictures I posted because I made them for my trip to NY I took a few years back and my pictures got deleted. :(
If you decide to make some I want to see them! I plan on making some more soon.
I'll post them ASAP.