Apr 20, 2012

Mrs to be!

I am SOO excited to announce that I will become Mrs. Luke Eckert on November 10,2012!

My wonderful, loving, creative, funny and good-looking fiance proposed to me at our cookout surrounded our family and friends!

Here's how it went down...
Family and friends came to Luke's house for a cookout last Saturday. We ate, lounged around, listened to music and enjoyed having everyone we love all in one place. THEN, he makes me think we are all going inside to play catchphrase or some other game. I see a couple people with cameras out and didn't think too much of it. He pops in a video he says is from his parents and sister up in Tennessee, and says they have something to tell us. His parents say how they wish they were with us, etc...sister says, "later this year we are adding another family member." I knew this was a little fishy because I know her husband and her can't have any more kids biologically. Her husband says, "No we are NOT pregnant" and his two year old niece walks up to the camera with a sign that says "Hurry up and marry Sam, Uncle Luke!"
Cue the tears! I knew immediately what was happening :) He turns off the video, everyone is getting excited and laughing/clapping. I get up, he take my hand and gets down on one knee. :)

I of course said, yes!

We will be getting married November 10!