Sep 26, 2011

welcome fall!

Evidence of Fall (even though the weather isn't)

Although this NFL season isn't living up to my wishes, the Gators have been pretty good so far.. although, I believe they need to up their game some if they want to beat 'Bama this weekend.

My best friend is teetering on the edge of totally ready for her baby to pop out and the "am I really ready?" I am SO ready for her to bring Rylan into the world! I think it will be this week... her due date is Oct 7th but I doubt she'll last that long.

Put up my Spider Web bulletin board today... i'm sure I'll have to post pictures soon to show it off :) We cut circles (shape and scizzor practice) and I hot glued pipe cleaners for legs. Pictures of their little faces will go on the spiders tomorrow when I finish it up.

I am SO ready for cool fall weather!

Sep 15, 2011

Good Reads for Pre-School Age Kiddos

I thought I'd do a post about some of mine and my students' favorite books!

Before I go into detail about the books I love to read to them, I want to point out (if you didn't know already) that most kids LOVE to listen to books read on CD. Alot of these recordings we have in our classroom are set to music and the readers are great! The kids find it really special to hear the books read by someone other than their teacher too! HaHa! I'm sure they are sick of hearing my voice all day long, so I don't blame them!

Our favorite book this week is a recording done by Carly Simon to "Take me Out to the Ball Game." She sings the song and there's a little story mixed in about a cat that loves baseball and saves the game by getting all the other fans (all played by animals) to sing with her to cheer on the home team. The kids in my class REALLY love singing along with this book! They ask for it over and over and over and over...

Other favorites,
--How I Became a Pirate
--Chicks and Salsa
--Silly Sally
--I Like Myself
--Llama Llama Red Pajama
--Goodnight Moon
--Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
--Duck on a Bike

September is Florida Literacy Month by the way! :)

Sep 11, 2011

Happy September!

There's nothing more American than watching football, and especially on this important day for our country. I know we are all reliving our feelings and remembering where we were when we heard what happened 10 years ago today. I remember being in 7th grade (I know that shows how young I am) in gym class first period and a classmate mentioned something about the Pentagon. We spent the better part of the day hovering around TVs in our classrooms watching the news and thinking about those who lost their lives. I am very thankful for our heros who saved lives, risking their own, for those who needed help during this time.

I am excited for the rest of this month-- good things coming! School is going great, I love my students :)
We just finished up a week about Children Around the World and next week we are doing Sports Around the World. (i'm obviously excited!) I got some great books at the library-- including but not limited to books such as Nascar ABC's. I didn't know it existed but it's actually a really cute book! We are also going to make "gold medals" using paper plates, gold paint, and red, white, and blue crepe paper as the streamers. I tried it out last week and it turned out cute! Should be fun to see how they like it :)