Jul 30, 2010

from 1980-2010!

I am moving wednesday and so, I must furnish my apartment.. and do so on a budget of a poor college student! (I have been living in a furnished apartment until now)
Anyways, I looked up and down craigslist for some furniture items to use in my new place and wasn't really having any luck considering I couldn't spend much... and I didn't want something that looked reallllly worn or old because that sorta grosses me out sometimes. There IS a difference between vintage and just gross and old. Haha.

Well I ended up finding this coffee table for like $15 and decided with some DIY improvements I could make it look better. So I bought some black spray paint and got to work. I think this coffee table got 30 years younger...



Next... spicing up my bookshelf. Stay tuned!

Jul 26, 2010

A letter...

To my beloved blog (and its fans):

Although you may feel neglected, disowned, rejected, alone, useless or sad, I promise I have not forgotten you. I do apologize for my lack of visits and posts. Please know, there has never been a blog as great as you, or fans as devoted as yours, and therefore I vow to make up for lost time.

If you wish to blame someone or something for my behavior, you may contact: A. my professors, B. a fuzzy little cat named Twitch, or C. Interstate 26 in SC for its behavior during a rain storm June 22. (those mentioned have either taken up my time or consequently given me things to do that kept me from spending time with you.)

you know I love you... please forgive me.



Okay but seriously, I still have to update about how my dad's day present turned out (I did the DAD scrapbook that Eva posted as an idea) and other pertinent news... like my new kitty! :)

Stick with me!

Jul 6, 2010

summer speculations

Although I guess it is nice for the most part to have a laid back summer just taking a few classes in Gainesville, I am not really loving the loneliness of it.
After my favorite roommate, Amy, left for the summer and all of my other friends left to go home I am still here. Just doing classes and babysitting. Pretty boring, really. I love the weekends because I get to go home and see friends and family in Jacksonville. During the week it is nights like this where I come home from class and sit alone in my apartment that I really dislike. Don't get me wrong, I love alone time and really value silence and relaxtion.. but not when it's like this pretty much everyday. I am either home alone, or babysitting. Sorry for the debbie downer post but I guess its what's on my mind!
On the bright side, 5 more months till graduation and back to Jax! I am SOOO looking forward to that!

Here are some of my favorite things from my trip to Tennessee with my family in June.

seeing all of these wonderful people.. included in this picture are all of my dad's kids and their spouses & kids, plus one of my mom's sisters and her daughter, and stephanie (my best friend and practically part of my family anyway)

Steph and I, spending a night in Knoxville with my cousin Angie
(the one second from the left) and her friend Susan

porch swing talks with Steph at the cabin in the Smoky Mountains!

Oh, and here's a recycled pickle jar I made the other day.. I guess it's random, but I was feeling artsy with this!

I painted it teal-ish blue and used paper to wrap around it then tied a ribbon around that. I am not sure what I will be using it for yet.. I'll keep you posted!
(BTW: I get lazy sometimes and just take a picture from the computer..
which usually doesn't turn out very well!)