Sep 29, 2010

friends for life.

Well, on the eve of my furry little child's 4 month birthday I thought I'd take the time to introduce his best bud, Russell.
I honestly can't believe that cats can make friends.
Exhibit A:

Twitch and Russell
Twitch is the one on the left (b&w) and Russell is on the right (pretty much all black)

These two love each other more than words can say. Twitch is my cat, and Russell belongs to my best friend, Stephanie. Steph adopted Russell not too long after meeting (and falling in love with) her nephew Twitch. At this point in our lives we aren't having kids or any of that so we decided kitties are just about as close as we can come to children.
They are pretty good kids. :)
Although, at first Twitch was needy because I found him in the wild before he was weaned from his momma. Bottle feedings at 2am were tiresome (I have a new appreciation for that part of motherhood) and although I know that a baby kitten is nothing compared to a real baby-- he sure was worth it!
Anyways-- Twitch's birthday is May 30th so tomorrow marks his 4 month birthday!
Russell is spending the day with Twitch and I at my apartment. (It is currently kitty nap time.)

Twitch and Russell's favorite activities include:
Chasing each other
Bathing each other (okay so that's a little weird, but for cats its normal when you love each other)
Pouncing on one another
Using the scratcher
Hiding toys and finding them later
Getting treats when they are good boys
Getting attention from their mama's
Eating together
Sharing quality time at the litter box (also weird, but hey whatever makes them happy)

It's been fun to give them time to play together and bond. They weren't happy about it at first but grew to really love each other. And even though half the time they are biting each other and pouncing when the other least expects it, they seem to really enjoy each other's company in the end. Twitch always seems a little sad when Russell leaves. :(

They even have friendship charms on their collars now. (you did too at this age I bet!)

To life long friends! (And by that I mean Steph and I, too!)

Sep 21, 2010

Pretty Recently...

I have been a stranger to the blogging world for a couple of weeks now with the beginning of my last semester starting, and all that comes with the start of the school year. And adding in the job hunt makes free time pretty hard to come by!

I haven't been able to do much as far as crafting goes... although I wish I could say I have! Maybe within the next few weeks I can get around to finishing some jewelry I started a while back. I plan to go to the Bryan Turner Benefit Day on Saturday and look forward to seeing some the crafts some of my favorite GCA ladies have prepared for this great event. Go here to learn more!

I'm enjoying spending time with the youth at church while I'm doing my internship hours. They are teaching me a lot more than they probably realize. I spoke on guarding your heart with them on sunday night. They seemed really into it, several of them shared about what they are going to start proactively guarding their heart from. In my own life, I am completely susceptible to letting the world mold and shape my heart into something totally opposite of how God would like me to allow Him to do. Joyce Meyer has a GREAT series on guarding your heart and why that is SO important for us to do. Look it up on youtube! :) The youth and I had fun watching the first part of that series sunday night.

Other than that I have been faced with a pretty dramatic change in my life- my Uncle David has been battling cancer for about a year now. Recently he has been having more problems with fluid remaining in his abdomen when he eats or drinks anything. The doctors are able to drain this fluid every now and then, but have no way to completely prevent that. It makes him pretty uncomfortable. They also believe his prostate cancer may not have been prostate cancer after all. He has been back and forth from Panama City to Jacksonville going to Mayo Clinic for some help with his breathing trouble too. The doctors there have been really encouraging to him and very helpful. I am thankful for that. I know he is too. While it has been good to see him and spend some time with him while he visits Jax lately, it is hard to see him hurting. I have never spent much time around anyone dealing with cancer-- so this is all new for me. I am praying hard that he experiences healing and that the doctors and those taking care of him are able to find answers and give him a more comfortable day every now and then. I know it is taking a toll not only on his body and spirit, but also for my aunt who is his primary care taker at home right now. If you think of it, add him and my family to your prayer list. I'd appreciate that.