Dec 28, 2008

post Christmas ramblings

Now that Christmas has come and gone, I have some more free time on my hands to catch up on reading blogs and writing thank-you notes to family and friends for birthday presents.
Everyone always asks me if I get less attention at my birthday because Christmas comes in the same week as my birthday, but I really don't mind it that much. I actually find the season of Christmas to be even better because I have more reasons to celebrate!
Speaking of my birthday, I can't believe I am 20 years old. 20... weird.
I think what is most weird about being 20 is that I am, A. no longer a "teenager" and B. a year away from 21. My mom claims that it is worse for her to think about me being 20 than for her to think about turning 60 in July. (I disagree.) I am excited to see how the 20th year of my life pans out and what adventures and challenges it brings.
This semester seemed to go by pretty quickly, (they always do) and I am pleased with the way my grades turned out and anxious to get started with the Spring semester. I am pursuing a minor in mass communications starting this coming semester, and I am pretty pumped! I was talking to a family friend about my minor this morning and she jokingly said, "are you becoming catholic?!" Get it? MASS communications... haha. I thought it was clever.

I must also add before I close, that I have thoroughly enjoyed my 80 degree Christmas. I know there is some belief in the western/ northern region that Christmas isn't complete without snow... but I love Florida. I love the idea of going to the beach and celebrating Christmas, why not combine two great seasons into one? Summer and Christmas? I will just stay here making sand angels while all of my Colorado friends and northern family members play in that cold white stuff. =)