Oct 4, 2010

feels like Fall!

If you read my last post I mentioned that my Uncle is battling Prostate Cancer which has been pretty aggressive in the past 10 months since he was diagnosed.
I've been asking a lot of you for PRAYER and trying to
hold onto some hope in the midst.
Last week after his Dr. appt he was told a lot of bad news, mainly that they didn't realize how bad it was until too late, and etc.. HOWEVER, two days later he got a call from his other Dr. and they informed him that he had been approved by insurance to take part in a study using chemo meds usually prescribed for breast cancer, which without insurance can cost $10,000! The reason he is getting this news is because he found out through some other doctors that this drug used for breast cancer may be effective for his type of prostate cancer since some forms of prostate cancer act more like breast cancer. He has been trying to get approval from his insurance for this treatment since his doctor was very optimistic about its effects.
I am so excited about this and very hopeful for what it may be able to do for him. :)
(thanks for all the prayers-- God is definitely answering mine!)

In other news, my mom made these covers for my futon pillows! How much do they scream "YAY, it's Fall!" I just love them.

They were pink stripes..

have a great monday! :)