Feb 8, 2012

Next Steps..

Yuck, sometimes I feel like I am the world's worst blogger. Some weeks I am on top of blogging and feel totally inspired to write a lot...others, not so much.

I've been enjoying my kiddos, even though there are quite a lot of them now, 17 to be exact, I am moving on to something bigger!

I applied last year around this time to get my alternative certification in the state of Florida for my education certificate. The state denied me for whatever reasons, but basically because they don't need anyone else applying for teaching jobs and my degree wasn't something that would fit well with the needs that were there in the state.

Which brings me to Primrose School, my current job. I have loved the 6 months I have spent there loving laughing and learning with the young kiddos, however my heart kept telling me to try and pursue a certificate to be able to teach older kids. I would ultimately love to teach K or 1st.

I think with a whole year of experience teaching Preschool and some internships I did in college in schools I should have some built up credibility to teach but I guess only time will tell! I am moving on from FL and applying for my certificate in GA. (The boyfriend does live there, afterall.)

My hope is that I can convince the state of Georgia to approve me! I am finishing up at Primrose this week and next and then moving to Camden county to start my educator preparation class. :)

Much love!
Big steps in the right direction, I hope!