Dec 26, 2011

Last week of 2011

My classroom enrollment has been very low the last two weeks since a lot of families are taking time off to visit family or just spend time with kids at home. I have had 4 or 5 of my normal 12 students everyday. It gets boring but I am loving the one on one time I get to spend with them while the numbers are low in the classroom. They really love it and their behavior reflects that.

We are trying to keep the routines as normal as possible even though we have more flexibility with the schedule during this time of year. I did some holiday stuff last week, wreathes from paper plates (circle cut out of middle), star of david for hannukah and we did the christmas tree dot worksheet I had shared a couple weeks back. The kids loved the fake presents I wrapped and put in the dramatic play area too. The wrapping paper lasted all of one day as they sat on the boxes, threw them and passed them around. I try to incorporate curriculum into the centers as much as possible to enhance whatever we are trying to focus on that week. Some of my favorites were:

-Putting wrapped "presents" (empty boxes) in the dramatic play area with the kitchen and dress up clothes.

-Shredded paper in my science/sensory table for "snow." They had measuring cups, spoons, etc to scoop and play with the paper. It does go everywhere but the goal is for it to stay in the confines of the table.

-Snowmen cut outs that I laminated to use during circle time when we count. They would much rather count fun pictures than the manipulatives we always use for math.

-Christmas and winter theme books in the library. Our favorite is Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! which tells of a bear that can't hear too well and doesn't understand that old man winter is telling him it is time to hibernate. He mixes up the word sleep for jeep, sweep, deep, etc. Fun rhyming words for the kids to try and guess throughout the book.

Can't wait to post pictures of our New Year's banner we are making and some other New Year's themed projects :)

Dec 24, 2011

Merry CHRISTmas!

Merry Christmas friends!! I love the season and try not to get too caught up in the Santa and presents part as much as possible because I knows the true reason we celebrate Christmas is something much bigger than all of that. To be honest we should celebrate our Savior's birth ALL year long not just from post-Thanksgiving to New Year's. I would love to keep Christmas decor up all year long actually, it might help me remember to be thankful for this special birthday year round. Hmmmm...

Here's to good times with your families and friends, to giving without receiving, to laughs, good food, and all the JOY that Christmas brings us, not just this time of year.

Merry Christmas Y'all!

Dec 18, 2011

busy week!

The kids and I had such a busy week!
Wednesday was our Christmas program... they were a riot, dancing and singing VERY loudly for their parents. I was proud! We had our Christmas party friday, complete, of course, with Christmas cupcakes and juice boxes! :)

Friday night was the staff's Secret Santa reveal dinner... as I guessed, my assistant teacher Ms. Williams was my Secret Santa! She did pretty well...I got sour candy, scary movie, Sonny's gift card, pickles, 2 liter of Dr. Pepper and a Gators ornament!

I am so thankful for all the parents that showered me with Peterbrooke chocolates, Starbucks cards and cute homemade cards from their kiddos. I even got my first teacher ornament that says my name!

I am looking forward to my birthday this Wednesday, being off Thursday and a half day Friday! Can't believe this time next week I'll be in food coma and Christmas will have come and gone :(

Talking a lot with my kids about Holiday traditions this week... can't wait to see your posts about your own and share what we do in class!

Dec 8, 2011

lunchtime blogging

Decided to do some lunch hour blogging... it's been a rough day and maybe this will help me deal! haha!

Loved our Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales theme this week! I think my most favorite thing was make gingerbread men and women and putting their faces on them.
Printed out a gingerbread man from clipart
Traced it on brown paper
They colored it
I took pictures of them and put their heads on their gingerbread man or woman
Laminated them
Hole punched
Put Christmas-y ribbon on it
....and voila an ornament!

I would have posted a pic but didn't want to put my little ones faces on here without permission :)

I did add a pic of them hanging in the window where you can't see faces (notice the christmas tree design.. haha!)

Dec 5, 2011


Well, sadly I had to take off the links to my worksheets from Wednesday's post because their links were messing with my blog layout... long story short my sidebar on my blog got pushed down below because the width of the links were flying over into that space! Took me forever to figure out but I guess I'll have to figure out another way to share those printables now! If you want them directly to email let me know and I can do that for now until I get savvy enough to repost them without harming my layout! If you have any ideas for ways to post printables from Word doc form to my blog let me know!!

Other than that I enjoyed a quiet Monday at school! Three of my kiddos (all boys) moved up to their "big boy class!" I was sad to see them go because I loved having them in my class but they are going to really benefit from being in there! Such is the life of a teacher :)

Looking forward to practicing our Christmas program song, Jackson 5's recording of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." My kiddos really love shaking their finger and saying, "You better be good for goodness sake!"

Happy Monday!