Mar 28, 2011

spring cleaning

I did some spring cleaning of the mind and led me to trust in a few things God was laying on my heart to "clean up" in my life.
First of all, and I won't go into this deeply, I had to end my relationship with my boyfriend. The natural connection that should be there between us-- just wasn't there for me anymore. I felt too much like I was loving the idea of being with him rather than him. He deserves so much more, and we will both find someone whom we connect with! :)
Second, my dreams of being a teacher in public schools were put on hold as I received news that I wasn't eligible for getting my certification through the alternative route. That route is for non education degree holders. Basically, my degree is TOO broad for the FL department of education to deem worthy of becoming certified. It will be too many classes and almost going back to get another degree in order for me to even be eligible. It's complicated basically.
I am trusting now that there is something out there for me--- I am hoping youth or children's ministry will be available to me! I have done my internships with both education and ministry so I am sure something will open up for me. All in God's time, of course.

For now, here are some recent photos of my preschoolers!

birthday girl, Madison turned 3 on the day of our Valentine's day party!

Kah Mari vs. cupcake, Valentine's Day party

Mar 14, 2011

gator diaper cake

Good news:
one of my best friends is expecting-- due in October!
I can't wait to throw her baby shower for her! :)

What's in store

I have been feeling kinda bummed about some things the past couple of weeks. I have a lot of decisions to make and although I think I have finally made one of them--things still feel weird.
I have decided that in August I will be moving back in with mom and pops until I get my teaching jobs in Jax all figured out and am financially stable enough to get a new place.
Things with the man are good-- I hope they continue to be good since I will be moving on from Gainesville. Tonight's conversation about me moving was a tough one.
I am certainly looking forward to being home though. I know living with the parents after I've been gone for 4 years will be hard but it's what will work I love being home probably more than the average 22 year old. I just really love being around my parents.
Please send prayers my way on decisions and having peace within all of that. Thanks!

I've totally been slacking on the blog but those kids make me a tired woman at the end of my day! I'll be sure to share my st. patty's day artwork from the class though!
(Eva's handprint shamrocks idea sure is cute!)