Jun 17, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Trip

This is what happens when the hubby-to-be and I hang out at VBS!

Hubs was the games leader all week, and I was only there Monday and Friday unfortunately due to my work schedule. Friday we finished off with a trip to the aquatic center here for time with the youth helpers from VBS. I floated on the lazy river, took a turn down the slide and soaked up some rays. Some days we doubt why Luke has decided to do youth ministry, other days.. like trips to the aquatic center as part of his "work week," we are reminded of all the perks. :)

We really enjoyed the theme this year! We did a curriculum called Sky, where "Everything is possible if you trust God!" The kids got up in front of the church this morning to sing a couple of our favorite VBS songs from the week. 

Looking forward to cake tasting this week for our wedding cake, too! Any suggestions on things to avoid with cakes for the wedding? Or positive suggestions?

Jun 10, 2012

Rain and VBS induced thinking..

Tomorrow starts VBS at our church, the theme is Sky. Everything is possible if you Trust God... (the "sky's the limit" I guess?) I am excited to watch the kiddos enjoy the music, crafts, games and big group time.

Luke is the games leader for VBS this year and came home very excited to tell me all about it one day.... so I start looking at his instructions book and notice it says for preschool. Poor guy about had a heart attack when he saw that. I assured him it was probably the wrong book, given to him by mistake. Sure enough it was, but it was still pretty fun to watch him try to figure out the nicest way possible to say that he didn't think he was cut out to be the preschool games leader at VBS. Haha!

The nursery at church this morning was buzzing with mini people, the 1 years and up but not quite 2 years old club as it seemed. (not on purpose but it worked out that way) Of course Elmo came to the rescue thanks to a DVD someone donated and my PBS app on my phone. Elmo (male or female by the way?) seems to distract most of them to be able to have m-o-m or d-a-d scoot out before too much of a crying-snot-running-down-the-face-and-cute-church-clothes scene happens. :)

I enjoy the little ones so much and it makes my heart so happy to have them reach for me when they're sad or missing mom. I'm really starting to get to know most of my regular nursery kids and it's fun to interact with them weekly. I am mostly convinced that teaching and caring for little ones under age 6 is my calling.

Luke and I have been busy talking finances, living arrangements, etc as we are getting closer to the wedding date. I had just gotten accepted to a program at UNF for teacher preparation/certification help and mentoring to start in August. However, I just don't think I feel like spending the money to do the program right now is what's best. We aren't rolling in the dough (who is, i guess..) and that teaching any children over 6 really wasn't where I am feeling led anyways. There is some prospect for me to get a stellar job in St Simons for teaching preschool soon so we are waiting on that for now.

Meanwhile, I'm working part time at a couple places which turns into full time basically and trying to finish wedding plans.

Found this craft to share also.... a gift for you if you happened to read this whole post! LOL :)

On the same note as the Rainy Day art project I mentioned the other day, and the horse races in the past month, is this one that you can do inside on a rainy afternoon. (no link, just notes from me because it's from my brain and a lady's at the nursing home our youth just visited)

Make your own Horse and Race Track
Use clipart online or draw one then cut out the horse, paint or color them, and make sure they can stand on their own. Make a race track on a table with tape sectioning off squares. Then roll the dice and move your horse that many spaces. Take turns, work as a team or just make up your own game. Make sure you give your horse a fun name, too! This helps little people with counting too... see look, always something secretly educational. ;)

Jun 5, 2012

Alright, I'll admit to being completely obsessed with wedding plans and neglecting the blog!

Wedding Update: Dress is bought, venue reserved, caterer deposit sent in, photographer and DJ booked, still need flowers and cake plans. Getting together with my bridesmaids for dress shopping this weekend :)

I am loving the fact that Pinterest came about when I started wedding planning! How did anyone plan a wedding sans pinterest, furthermore without internet!? I sure do love it!

Anyways, I'm doing a "rustic" theme for the wedding... mason jars, burlap, purple dresses, sunflowers, lots of southern charm. I can't wait to see it all come together.

I guess I could still post some of my favorite summertime kids stuff for all of you who are used to reading my teacher blog posts. I've found some fun stuff through Pinterest (go figure.) and thought of some ideas I wish I could be implementing with kiddos this summer.

I'll start with this Rainy Day Painting.... we have a rain every afternoon in FL during summer so plenty of opportunity to start your rainy day gallery!

Apr 20, 2012

Mrs to be!

I am SOO excited to announce that I will become Mrs. Luke Eckert on November 10,2012!

My wonderful, loving, creative, funny and good-looking fiance proposed to me at our cookout surrounded our family and friends!

Here's how it went down...
Family and friends came to Luke's house for a cookout last Saturday. We ate, lounged around, listened to music and enjoyed having everyone we love all in one place. THEN, he makes me think we are all going inside to play catchphrase or some other game. I see a couple people with cameras out and didn't think too much of it. He pops in a video he says is from his parents and sister up in Tennessee, and says they have something to tell us. His parents say how they wish they were with us, etc...sister says, "later this year we are adding another family member." I knew this was a little fishy because I know her husband and her can't have any more kids biologically. Her husband says, "No we are NOT pregnant" and his two year old niece walks up to the camera with a sign that says "Hurry up and marry Sam, Uncle Luke!"
Cue the tears! I knew immediately what was happening :) He turns off the video, everyone is getting excited and laughing/clapping. I get up, he take my hand and gets down on one knee. :)

I of course said, yes!

We will be getting married November 10!