Jan 13, 2009

Rainy Days and National Championships

Two National Championships in Football in a three year time span. Incredible.
As much as I would like to think that Tim Tebow is superman or some other equally impressive man of strength and speed, he is just an everyday guy doing something incredibly well.
It makes me think of other people who happen to do everyday kinds of things with amazing ability. I think of people like movie stars, or artists, Presidents, and other sports hall of famers. These people all do ordinary things with excellence and get paid to do so. Which don't get me wrong, is great for them.
Since when is scoring 43 touchdowns in one season held more highly than the work of a third-grade teacher though? The wide receiver is great at what he does, but isn't the third grade teacher investing in the education of children, just as great? My personal opinion is that getting 9 year olds to multiply and divide may be as daunting as running down the field and tackling someone. Just sayin'. Whatever the case, GO GATORS!

I feel like rainy days create some sort of pensive mood for me. I tend to sit and reflect on my life WAY more when there is rain streaming down my window pain than on a normal day.